Video Conferencing

I love to watch movies especially comedy and romance, but sometimes I watch suspense and other types of movies. Like the one I saw just recently about a mom trying her best to be a good mother and wife and at the same time be the best of her career, which is hard to accomplish. I think it was Sarah Jessica Parker the mom tried to be a supermom. So many funny scene in that movie, the one I really laugh very hard is when she had video conferencing with her other boss. She didn’t realize that the video is already on and she keeps on tagging and pulling her business suit that she doesn’t notice the person on the other side amuse of what she’s doing. Technology today are very updated before we just use cellphones now even if we are very far we can still talk to the person that we wanted to talk to regarding business. That even if we want to have vacation on works we can still be updated I our business and all. Conduct interviews or other business matters.

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