Internet Connection Restricted Notice Again

Last month i pay our PLDT internet connection early because i don’t wan’t to be restricted again in using that net. They have a new very strict policy, may due date is every 27th of the month and to think it wasn’t one month yet but they will give me an end of the month extension after that if still unpaid they’re going to restrict me in using the internet. But they give extension last month because of the typhoon sendong, then i assume that they will make another extension this month and even if i want to pay my bill i dob’t have money for it. So, last week i was restricted again, that would be my 3rd time since the day i got the new connection and i’m tired of going to there billing representative after paying in the cashier. But i have no choice of the matter because they won’t give another one month extension to their service. Thanks to my sister i got to pay the bills the other day, now they removed the restricted notice and i got to start do the updating of my blogs.

Next month i will expect another restricted notice again from them, but i will try my very best not to if i can. I’m really use to have an internet connection in the house, surfing online is my only happiness. If i want to clean the house my means of encouragement is watching movie online while cleaning my room and washing my clothes. hehehe, if i don’t have a net i will be sleeping the whole day.

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