Keeping the House Clean and Neat

I may not have little children in our house to take care but I have pets who is more messy than having children. At least if you have children you can put them on time out and the next time they will be behave like you wanted them to be but if you have two puppy as a pet and your afraid to put them in a room for a time out because they might bite things inside is hard. Their the one who wakes me up every morning because if I don’t make sure that their poop are everywhere and most of the time if I just leave them alone when I wake up I will be encountering many poop all over the house so I really need to wake up early and just continue my self when all things are in order. I need to clean the house every night because that’s the only time I have water running.

Yesterday, I bought a Clorox for my cleaning needs. I wanted to buy the air refresher but I don’t have budget anymore maybe next time. I look for a chemical that cleans and removed poop and pee smells but the petshop don’t have a stock instead they suggested a vitamins for dog poop not to smell bad. I try that vitamins once with my dog prince but it was no use and I got tire of feeding him with that vitamins. Now, I have to watch them from time to time because If they not pooping and peeing the house they will be many biting of our component wirings and books outside.

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