Need House Renovation Badly

Before my parents move to Gensan, we already have a problem with our house. The first month living alone is fine, but our ceiling is not. I call my parents and told them about the ceiling situation and they sent money for the new ceiling, but the carpenter said he just put some remedy on it because the whole ceiling needs to be replace. Imagine how much would it cost for the whole ceiling replacement, but thank God it was resolve for the meantime. Then, when I went to the first floor because our house is a two story, new problem arises. The door won’t close and ants are living on the side and my parents and my room needs new wall. wher can we get money to fix for our house? My parents also have their own problem with the house my brother bought in gensan. It has to be re-painted and replace the ceiling and the drainage.

My sister is my only hope because if my parents decided to stay in gensan for good this house will be our house. The two of us are the only single and don’t have family yet and my parents don’t want to sell this house especially my father. My two brother’s been telling my parents to sell the house, but I object. If they sell that house where I’m gonna live, I don’t want to live with my parents anymore. Additional expenses and I want to try living alone see if I can endure the independent life.

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