Pet Odor Neutralizer, Eliminating My Pets Odor in Air, Floor & Fabric

Prince is not our first dog pet in the house but he is the first to stay inside the house, sleep in beds and other parts of the house. As expected when you have pets inside the house, they poop and urinate inside inside the house. Train them to do like other trained dog do is hard especially when you love to cuddle them than trained them. So, cleaning is really necessary from time to time because you don’t want your house to sticks or smell like poop and dog urine. Unfortunately, I’m not an everyday cleaning typpe of woman, I wanted to become one but it’s too hard especially when you use to sleep and rest long than work or clean more. Searching for solution to make my house a free odor from pets poop and urine is my most priority hehehe. I tried buying the air freshener but still no use after few minutes of spraying the house the smell of pets odor will linger, use hard chemical in cleaning like zonrox but it’s still the same. So, earlier today while buying dogfood for them, I look for chemical that will eliminate my pets odor then found one. I just want to try if its really effective and if it is It would really help me a lot in our house stinky smell.

Here it is: Neutralize pets odor, a 3 in 1 formula that eliminates odor in the air and on the fabrics and carpets. Provide long lasting, clean. fresh scent. Hmmmm, so far good result.

Then, I force my BF pets to pose beside it and thankfully I have fast hand clicking the camera because the photo is cute in my opinion heheh.

Hopefully, this will work according to the sale person who I happen to ask about the product because oue house need it badly…. ;-)

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