Pet Society: Sassy’s Second Batch Kittens

This is the second batch of sassy’s kittens hehehe. This cat don’t know how to do family planning because after a few days of giving birth to her first two kitten she let herself get pregnant again. The duration of her pregnancy she seldom stays at the house, I don’t know where she stays that time but when the time when she already due she come back and find a place in our house where she could put her little kittens and this is her new babies right now..

I was surprise to see the black kitten, Gosh! sassy is really popular.

It is kind of scary when this little black kitten stares at me when I took their photos but what the heck this are still kittens right!

I took a solo photo of the black one because I was still amaze and surprise. Imagine a black kitten, I heard about black cat is a badluck. Hmmm what do you think?

I was sad when I saw the bones of our little white kitten (one of sassy’s first batch kittens) in the back of our house. I was hoping she just run away or lost somewhere in our neighbors house but she is already dead and those bones are the proof.

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