Save Money on Textbooks

As most students are aware of, apart from the high cost of tuition and housing, college textbooks can deal a blow to an already tight budget. It seems silly to spend hundreds of dollars on books that will only bee used for one semester. Campus Book Rentals has a solution that allows student access to their much needed college textbooks, as well as keeping money in their pocket. Renting your textbook, such as “The Science of Human Nature: A Psychology for Beginners”, can save you more than 50% off the face value of the book. Renting is easy, simply search by Author, Title, Keyword or ISBN, order from the comfort of your own home and wait for the book to arrive shortly. The rental periods are designed to fit the needs of a busy college student and are available on a semester (130 days), quarter (85 days) or summer (55 days) basis. If you need the book longer to study for that all important final exams, take advantage of a 15 day grace period for returning the items, at no extra cost. After you are done simply slip the textbook into a prepaid envelope and return it to Campus Book Rentals. Shipping is free both ways, so you never get stuck with hefty postal charges. Since Campus Book Rentals understands that some students have an attachment to their highlighter, they allow you to highlight in their books to aid learning. Why spend money on high textbook costs, when you can buy food instead?

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