All Candidates Get a Trophy

One of the memories I cannot forget was during my 1st intramural when I was still in my high school days. Intramural are activities in our school that teachers and students must participate in all the sports activities and pageant organized by the school. That time I was just a 1st year high school student wanted to have new friends, but I found out my teacher has other plans for me. She forces me to join our schools Miss Universe Pageant. All sections from 1st year to 4th year must represent a candidate for that said competition and I was my teaches bit in our section. That time I have no idea about beauty pageant, but I don’t have a choice because my grades are at-stake. Our section must represent the country of Egypt, so I must wear Egyptian clothes and accessories, but we really don’t know where to get the costume. All we could to was improvise and the ending I look like a ninja instead of an egyptian. I didn’t won or even chosen as a runner up, but I still received a custom trophy cups and a bouquet of flowers as a consolation price, actually all candidates got trophy’s and flowers. That event brings back happy memories of my high school years that life is not always problems and struggle just to survive.

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