Delicious Cooking

I love to eat but I don’t know how to cook. Most of us, that is our problem. We love to eat but we don’t know how to cook that delicious food we want. The ending is we just eat in fast food and restaurants just to taste that food we’re craving, well in my parts that’s what I do. But what if we don’t have money to buy ready to eat foods, hmmmm been experiencing that most of the time. So, if I have time and somebody will volunteer to cook for me I surely accept it without blinking an eye. It’s not everyday you encounter people to cook for you right? I just want to share this few delicious food that one of my friend cook for me. I really have great time eating it.

I don’t know the English of this but we called it ” Kinilaw ” raw fish with some condiments hehehe. I don’t know how to made this so I can’t really tell how to make this dish but I sure love eating it. ;-)

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