Facebook Game Addiction

One of my new years resolution this year is no to be lazy to update my blogs and try harder not to neglect my blogs and other responsibilities hehehe. first, I need to enhance my English grammar, spelling and be more observant on my mistakes ;-) because most of the time i just type without thinking and reading it again and again if i did write the right grammar and spelling. Second, I need to be more neat and focused on cleaning the house since i have many pets and some of them are more on a “pest” than a “pets” hehehe but i love them nevertheless.

Blogging and having pets are really fun because if i don’t have anything to write, cuddle with them and playing helps me think and relaxed but lately i been neglecting all of them because of my new found game in facebook the ” Castleville “. Even if i only have 7 friends in that game and 1 or 2 of that friends are still me. Yeah! i open other account of fb just to have additional friends in castleville and that is not enough i still need friends but most of my Fb friends don’t play that game but i keep on sending them invites and gift. I even force my sister to just accept all my request it doesn’t matter if she she’ll play that game or not as long as she send gifts and accept my gift request.

That is how addicted i am, i dint even notice that i still have to update all my blogs and my sister. Now, i have to think and force my brain to function because i still need to do some writing and updating but instead i visited and harvest my friends crop in castleville because i miss playing to think i just play a while ago and my energy is not yet full and i just hope my friends in that game send me crystal shard for i need to explore other lot LOL ;-).

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