Hiding From The Clingy Cat

As I was seating in front of my laptop checking emails and stuff. I heard prince little growling sound and I keep asking him what is it without looking at him and he keep that sound until I look at him at my back. He is trying to get away from the cat embrace hehehe. I laugh when I learned that that is why he keeps on making that sound to let the cat stay away from him. He hide under small chair so that cat won’t follow him under. And the cat is a bit thick face and hardheaded because he just seat in-front of that little chair and keep looking at prince. What a funny creatures, this cat don’t feel like an outsider even if I keep him outside the house most of the time and persistent too.

This is one of the photos I took with the cat(itnin) and dog (prince). This way price don’t want to get near the cat because the cat can be clinging most of the time when his around and to think that this cat is a he.. :-)

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