I’m Still Lucky

Ta’da! I won! I won!. Just like winning an award, this is so unexpected for me because I always join giveaways and this is my first time that I really won since. That was a year ago when my sister shahz won a purse of one of the giveaways we join and just recently her blog also was pick to received $20 or $25 something I already forgot. Since that my sister always won in giveaways and I don’t was kind of depressing sometimes but hey! I’m also the person to contact in claiming those wins, so the depressing feeling will automatically vanished heheh.

Now, this is my time to shine or rather, that was my time because the rafflecopter pick my name in My Lifes Journey In Focus” A $25 Valentine giveaway! and that was last month. And the sad and funny thing is that I just read it three days ago in my twitter, imagine it’s been one month already and I just found out recently because I forgot to check my twitter. I seldom open my twitter because I still don’t know how to use it. And I just open an account because for my blogs to get notice and also in joining giveaways and following bloggers online. For the first time in my blogging history ;-) and joining giveaways that my name was finally chooser to be the winner of the giveaway I kind of think that I’m still lucky.

So, I want to thank manangkim in “My Lifes Journey In Focus” because she said that she can still send me the price even if it’s too late and it’s okay to me if they pick another winner because it’s my fault because I didn’t check my twitter. I was just happy to learn that I won, it makes me think that I not really a total loser after all hehehe (feeling bitter). Thank you and hope I can join lots of giveaways and won just like this one. Yeheyy, now I can enjoy my $25 to buy books online. hehehe God Bless!

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