Imprison the House Pets

Our house right now is in need a lot of renovation, as in a lot ladies and gentlemen. When my father was here last month, he plan to repair the room floor and floor near our bathroom but the money he received from his DERBCI ( I hope I spell it right, his delmonte share or land in delmonte something, I’m not sure) is only a small amount. He expected it would be much more but he said some problem occurs but anyways, that plan was cancel due to that unexpected small amount of money he received.

Since, I have to take of the house and having too many pets will not help because their messy and always running around I imprison them if my I feel like I going crazy reprimanding them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pets dearly but sometimes you just got to do what needs to be done when they became unmanageable. I didn’t trained them yet, so more often, they’re just like hardheaded people that don’t wan’t to listen to me.

Right now, they’re in our other room because I’m cleaning the house and I don’t wan’t them to running around while I did the cleaning and arranging stuff. The usual thing I do when I don’t want to be bothered with them while cleaning is letting them stay in our terrace but the Rottweiler is too stubborn to handle. He will run and push some of the flower pot and I don’t want our neighbor to get hurt because they always make it a habit in standing or seating near our terrace. And I really need them to stay outside because I don’t want the house to have more damage than it is, and even if I wanted to repair some of the damage part I don’t have enough money for it.

Renovating or repairing a house is not that easy when you don’t have enough resources for all the needed repairs.

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