My Father with the our Cute Puppies

Every time my father gets home our cute and tiny puppies will automatically go after him well, maybe because he is the one who will bring food to feed them and he really is a dog lover hehehe!. If they can’t visit my brothers son this little puppies are my parents joy in their house, that is why it is hard for them to leave the house because of sweety and the pupies, no one will feed them and if the weather is bad like rain just like last week this puppies are helpless. Just like last month when the rain pours non stop and sweety can’t do anything to help her puppies from drowning outside. Luckily, my father heard sweety’s cry and check what is going on outside our house then he saw our weeks old puppies swimming in the flood. I was shock and feel bad when my mother told me about it and laugh while imagining them swimming in the flood (bad me, hehehe).

Father with sweety and the puppies after parking his motorcycle.
Just waiting for food or something maybe because this puppies just look at my father with longing. hehehe :-D
hehehe! just chilling out with sweety and the puppies after riding his motorcycle…. really cute! :rotfl:

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