Need Repair

I’ve been complaining lately about our house needs repair badly because it’s really true. Not only that, I have to get rid of our old cabinet because most of it are already broken and fixing it won’t help either. I told my mother about the cabinet and other house repair situation and she’s okay about the idea that I will trow some of the old chairs and the cabinet, but my father is against it. I ask him why, he just said that he will hire a good repairman to fix the old cabinet and replace the broken glass and door with new one and replace the drawer with a heavy duty drawer slides as well as the drawer in our kitchen because it needs a little repair as well. And I can’t argue with him because he owns all the furniture in our house. I’m just the daughter who acts like a caretaker because I don’t want to live with them in gensan.

Now, I have to wait for that good repairman because the last time I went to their house to tell him about the fixing stuff he still has other jobs to attend to. I just have to wait for a few days before he can fix the broken furniture and more in the house. Crossing my fingers that it will be very soon because every time I see that cabinet it become a sore-eye.

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