Sad and Troubled

Have you experience dealing a problem that you think you know the solution but still hang on to that problem because there are also some unhappy consequences to that? Like relationship, if you feel that your relationship is not going anywhere or somethings bothering you but you can’t tell him or her about it because your afraid of something. The same goes with money problem, you have the money to pay the bills but if you spend all that money for paying your bills you don’t have anything left to buy foods and important personal stuff but if don’t pay your bills it will only add up in the following month. The outcome will be much worst because it double the problem your facing up every time or every month.

We all know that relationship and money don’t come easily. You have to put some effort in order it to work and be progressive. Lately, I’ve been having doubts about my relationship but that is not really important right and I need to earn money for my two months electric bill. This is what I got after all the savings and not thinking ahead. I should have pay my bills when I still have money for it. Now, I have to think of a good solution for it. I’m just hoping that blessings will come my way soon.

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