Want to Learn How to Play The Guitar

I envy those people know how to play the guitar because once upon a time I badly wanted to learn how to play that instrument. My cousin knows how to play guitar so when I was still living in my aunt’s house, she always plays some old songs or jolly songs just to keep herself entertain when bored and I envy her for that. I even force her to teach me, but she got tire of teaching me because I have a hard time memorizing the cords and I’m really not a patient student. My other cousins also know how to play the guitar my aunt even bought them a new guitar. I don’t know if it’s a Seymour Duncan guitar because I’m really not familiar with guitar brand and the guitar itself. All I wanted is to learn how to play that instrument, but maybe this time I should start by buying myself a guitar and try my best to memorize the part of the guitar, what do you think?

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