Window Shopping Can Release Stress

I been restless this past months not because of work ( i don’t have work or job), but because I don’t have work. Staying all day in the house and taking care of the pets and most of the time running after them and scolding them because of being a hardheaded pets. I wanted to find job, but I don’t know where to start. Sometimes I just feel like I’m useless, but thanks to my pets they make me feel important and loved. My sister even told me the time I show them the picture of my 3rd dog conan that I already condition myself to be alone, that this pets will be my companion someday. Well, maybe half of it is right but lately having a pet only to entertain me is not enough.

One of the reason why I’m so feeling tire because of this pets, they keep pissing me off with their animal behavior and I cannot blame them because their animals right? So, I just take a deep breath and impression them outside or in a room just to have peace in the house. And I wake up this morning feeling I need a break from them, so I went to the mall to window shop just to take my mind of them for a while and it works. Indeed, window shopping release my stress thinking about the house repairs, my animals and my future. Worrying is what I do most of the time then this pets who are very hyper to make me loss my mind sometimes, but I got a chance earlier to set aside for a moment my worries in life. From now on this would be my routine but if I have money shopping is much better than window shopping right? ;-)

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