Yummy Food : Bistek or Beefsteak ?

I have a hard time remembering what this food called, my friend said it’s bistek (bisayan way of beefsteak) and I keep on typing beefsteak, nhehehe. All I know is I love eating this and ordering it on turo2x because it’s really yummy and the taste I really like. I only read and heard about beefsteak in movies and books but never actually cook that american food, It is an american food right? hehehe and bistek in a Filipino version of beefsteak. I hope I’m right!

Here is our own version of bistek!!! love it..

To tell the truth I wanted so much to know how to cook but my cooking powers is not that powerful when it comes to cooking this dish. So, I just let my friend cook it for me and my father and I eat it after. It is more convenient that cook it myself and never satisfied with the taste hehehe… ;-) :-) ;-)

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