Disconnection Notice Received for the First Time

Just received my first electric bill disconnection notice this morning and I was kind of scared because I/we never experience cutting our electric power ever. I was not able to pay our electric bill for two months and I thought it’s still okay if I pay it this end of the month but I suppose the cepalco (electric company) has new policy. It say’s in the notice that I only have 48hours to settle my account and after that disconnection of service and removal of kilowatt-hour meter will happen. If I remember it, before, I have a friend who always experience disconnection of their electric bill/power but he only received disconnection notice after 3 to 4 months of not paying the bills. I guess new year new policy right?

I notice some of the company now are having new policy in term of paying bills, just like PLDT and globe. Unfortunately, I have to visit the nearest cepalco office to pay my electric bill and ask if I can only pay the arrears which amounting to P774.00 because the money left in my pocket is P800.00 only and will just pay the remaining P645.47 this end of the month. I always received new electric bill every 1st week of the month, so, I really need to settle all the past account so everybody happy but again I have to wait for my sister’s money. I send my personal money to my parents the other day because my mother who’s going to Cebu this 27th of April don’t have a fare (according to her) going to the airport. Need to pay all the bills before another batch of bills will come knocking on the door.

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