Doing One Step at a Time

Just this morning the carpenter decide to come in the house and fix the bathroom floor excluding the bedroom floor because the budget is not enough. The plan is to fix both bathroom and bedroom floor but the money is just enough for the bathroom floor and I decided the bedroom floor can wait a little more, I have to save or ask money for my other sibling or something in order to fix it. And just last night I trained the dog to get use sleeping outside. I can’t stand anymore the cleaning and following where they poop and pee somewhere in the house. They feel more comfortable urinating and missing around the house and I think its time for them to learn to just once do their business outside the house. Then, I started to wash my laundry little by little. You can’t blame me if my dirty cloths will hang around in the house for weeks. I have problem with the water and our washing machine won’t drain. I have to lift it and pour the water out by myself. Too tiring and tiring to do hehehe. Little by little all the back (old) house choir will be over hopefully.

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