Floor Covering : My Alternative

Photo not mine, forgot to take photo of my my floor cover design.

Fixing broken chair, drawer and other stuff in the house are really harder than I thought. Last month I told my parents that some part of our house need fixing and just last week one of those busted things like the floor got fixed but not all of it because the luck of funds to do the work. The other things needs a lot money than the one fixed last week and I can’t do anything about it because I don’t have funds also to cover it but I think of a temporary or alternative since we don’t have money yet to fix the other floor.

Looking for alternative or temporary remedy to make our house beautiful and less expensive are not that hard to do. Yesterday, I bought a floor covering (floormat) to hide the some of the nasty floor from showing if I have visitors coming or staying in the house. I know it’s not a good idea but I doing it just for a few weeks or months until we have money to fix that nasty floor. I choose a floor cover that exactly like our old floor and so far I’m liking it. Not only looks our floor beautiful but also the room looks brighter and easy on the eyes. I’m sleeping in that room since yesterday and I’m planning to change the other parts or our house floor to a more unique and homey floor covering. I hope I can keep up with the lifting and pushing stuff out of the area where I put the floor covering because after finishing the first room I got plenty of bruises in different parts of my legs. The things I do to make the house beautiful and nice.

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