I Want One

Two years ago my sister’s friend took a two month vacation after working aboard for two years and have the chance to meet with my sister because she was visiting us that time too. My sister lives in the US since she got married a long time ago, so meeting her old high school friends are not really that simple and that time is a perfect chance for them to meet because they’re both in the country. They call some of their high school close friends and plan to meet in my sister’s rented house and catch up about their life’s event after graduating high school. Sometimes they tag us along with them going to the beach and some of the beautiful place they want to visit after many years working abroad, but time really run so quickly they have to go back to their working abroad lives. But before they parted ways my sister asks some favor to her friend since she works in a country that sells cheaper gold jewelry and gold chains that if she could buy her a gold necklace because she loves to own one and just last year my sister’s friend send it to her. I really love to own one just like the photo above, but I guess I have to wait a long time before I can get one.

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