Laundry Time

Another way to make your dirty clothes clean and not just hanging around the house or in the laundry basket is go to a laundry shop and make them do the washing but you need to have money of course. They’re not called the laundry shop and do other peoples laundry for free. If I have the money I definitely pass my dirty laundry to a laundry shop and make them do what I should be doing and that is washing my own clothes. I know it’s my responsibility because that is my dirty clothes and all but sometime it is really tiring to do the laundry. But today is a different days, I’m doing the washing all by myself. Sounds like a tittle of a song but yes I’m doing it by myself, even if I don’t want to I have to because I don’t have moolah for laundry shop. SO, its laundry time baby and I know it’s late but this is the only time I can do my laundry because the water run smoothly and literally I have water running. Tiring job but I need to do the cleaning and all the other domestic choirs even if I hated doing it.

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