Listening to Music Help Me Think

Listening to music makes me relax, release the lazy and boredom feeling that’s creeping inside my system. Since yesterday, I’ve been restless not because of work or any serious problem. I can’t even cook meals for myself because I feel lazy and bored. And every time I feel like this music helps me more than comfort food. I have plenty of songs for every mode I have– hate, boredom, lovesick and happy music that I end up dancing. Love music too much that I’m planning to buy my own music gadget and instrument just for my own fun and pleasure. I already have my phone to store all my favorite music, but it’s really different if you own a cool music instrument along with it if you feel like singing and playing like one of your favorite band.

Along with that cool music instrument are all the accessories that will make it much more loud and awesome to listen. All the necessary pro co microphone cable for that instrument or the deucetone rat boost guitar effects pedal if your already own a guitar. Music has different effect to people like me. Some will enjoy just listening to it and some just content playing, but it is much much cool and awesome if you’re interested to both.

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