Money Loan

I was suppose to apply for loan last week because my parents need the money but found out that my mother needs to sign more that one documents. I just send it to her via 2go and advice her that if the documents where delivered just sign it right away and send it back to me so I can loan after 4 days because it takes two days before the document will arrived in gensan. Then, yesterday I received the documents and since I promise I go to the loaning company on Tuesday (is today) so just sigh the delivery form then go back to sleep (hewhehe).

I went to the loaning company this morning and so far got the money and send it right away to my fathers account. I only received haft of the loan because they wont allow us to loan money unless all the previous loans are close or paid. So, the rest of the loan money I didn’t receive was paid for the old loan and petty cash. Now, we will start to pay it next month, good thing my mother choose to pay it for 2years. There is plenty of time to pay it monthly and the monthly payment and interest are manageable. I just hope we can we can full pay it sooner than two years.

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