Sister’s Little Angel : Beautiful Photos that is Worth keeping

My sister has two adorable children and quit handsome and beautiful as-well. We also saw and talk to them though online chat or videochat because they live in the US. My mother will just ask me to be online and look for their new photos and print it so she can put it in our photo album and some of it will be in a photo frame and display in our house. So, i look for a few photos of this little rascals and will print it later to give to my mother and send it to her after. A simple wish of a grandparents who seldom chat with my sister’s children.

The niece and nephew having a good time in the sunny day at Pittsburgh.
So cute, the brother keeping eye on the little miss in the park.

Keeping your family close together is a nice thing to do and memories as well as photos are worth keeping and make put it our family tree.

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