Spam: To Delete and Not to Eat

How I wish I am talking about the real spam here because I really need food right now but unfortunately, the spam I’m talking about is the ones that I have to delete in my blog. I love reading comments but I have to delete those comments that belong to the spam team hehehe, except for those comment that are accidentally put into the spam comment. For a couple of days I’ve been neglecting the spam comment and just click the new tab because I’m too lazy to delete the spam but every-time I neglect, the more number they become and I have to read it page by page because I don’t want to delete comments that is not suppose to be deleted.

I want to put something in my blog that will minimize the spam comment but I don’t know what it is. And I read some of those things in the group in FB but I don’t know how to do it. I can’t ask help to my sis because she busy these few months. Hmmm, I guess I just have to keep on trying to find that good tools for the spammer..

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