The Good Thing About Reading Romance Book

Reading books is my most new pastime recently and it gives me more knowledge about stuff. I Love reading romance fiction the most not that I don’t like the heavy stuff books, but because I’m one of those romantic being living in this world ;-). Vocabulary and all that new words you encounter and you can’t help to grab a dictionary because you don’t know what is the meaning of that word. Between man and woman affair and all that romance between the opposite sex. I know most of the romance books has the same concept, woman falling in-love with sexy man or vice versa, but what I love the most is the chasing and intimate stuff that they have. How I wish I can meet a guy that exactly like the ones I read in my romance books. The type that is strong, handsome and the likes that a heroine always say to their man– that his oozing with sex appeal and testosterone level stuff. Too bad that only found in books and not in real life, well maybe if the real guy could find the best testosterone supplement somewhere. In real life too much expectation can only give stress most of the time might as well stick to the fiction reading stuff. If a guy comes, then that will be the day that I help him look and discover something worth our time for now I just stick to reading and enjoy the moment.

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