The Ref Has Been Sold

Just this evening when the buyer of our old refrigerator come by to look at the ref and decided that she will buy it for the price of 3k (P3,000.00). My father was the one who deal with it last month and just today the buyer got the chance to collect it in our house. I have to clean it in a jiffy because the last time I clean the ref was last year and my mother keep telling to clean it because somebody will look if its in good running condition. Our ref is still in good running condition anyway even though the last time we use it was last year during my birthday. I’m gonna miss that ref but we have to sell it because it will just rot in the house because I’m using my sisters ref ( smaller one).

My father told me if the ref been sold, the money will be use to repair the 3rd room floor and other rotten floor in the house. I din’t told my parents yet that the ref has been sold because my cellphone don’t have a load and I tire going out to buy load outside. I just text them tomorrow and ask who will I hire to do the repairing stuff at home. I’m not really a reliable person when comes to looking for a person to deal with carpentry.

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