Where’s the Carpenter?

Last week our old ref got sold and the money will be use to repair the bathroom floor because It really needs fixing ASAP. I went to the carpenter on friday night because he has other carpenter job in the morning and ask him if he can do the job and he said he will come to the house in the morning to look quote the expenses. I did not go out yesterday because I really want the floor to be fixed and waited for him but night come no carpenter showing in the door. My parents been texting me if the repair has been done because they want to hire the same carpenter because they know the guy personally. I already call my mother and told her that the carpenter did not show up and I just go to their house later tonight to ask him again. I don’t know any carpenter here in our area so I have to stick to the old one. Hopefully he will show up this time so I can be worry free. I wonder whats keep the carpenter busy but who am I do question him, I’m the one who needs his expertise.

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