Best in Uniform

When I was working as a service crew in a fine dining pizza house a very long time ago. I was awarded as the best in uniform in our branch. I was given a certificate that has a BEST in UNIFORM on it. My co-workers always tease me that time about that award and use the trophies that was displayed in our store. Pretending that I was given an award just like in emmy award and those trophies that’s displayed in the store is my trophy. It would be nice if they give me a trophy, it will remind me of my happy experience working in that store with those great friends. Too bad that store was gone because the mall where our store was located was included in the fire accident in that mall.

Those time really are so unforgettable for me. Not only I got my first Best in Uniform, I also experience having a friend that cares for me. And until now we’re still have communication despite our busy schedule and life since that day of the accident.

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