Call Barring

If you hate someone. You do things that don’t help the situation your in. Turning your phone off or not answering the call or activate the call barring so you will not tempted to answer that persons call. Cellphone really help us to communicate with our family and friends everywhere we go and most of us can’t leave the house without our cellphone. If we like a person, we can always ask their number and text them or call them but what I really love about cellphone is the call barring. Yes! why? because if your hiding from someone because of a fight and you don’t want to hear or contact you. You can always activate your call barring and you can still use your phone in texting and calling the person you only want to talk too. Turning your phone is not really necessary. You just redirect that persons call to a number that doesn’t exist anymore. Cruel but what can we do, we need space and it’s a good way also to think things carefully if that person is worth a space in your phone directory or you need to delete that person and find a worthy and lucky number that’s worth your time and cents and unlitxt/unlicall. hehehe

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