Changing Morning Routine

Sleeping late usually ends waking up late and this is my everyday life since I don’t know when. But maybe for some people sleeping late doesn’t have to wake up late also. It always depend to the person. If they know how to manage or discipline themselves. And in my situation, I don’t really have this ability. This thing doesn’t really work with me, I’m deprive of those ability. I tried to condition and alarm myself to wake up early in the morning to enjoy the morning weather but nothing happens. And even if I sleep early I always end up waking up late. The many months or maybe years waking up late it becomes a daily morning routine for me. And that would be a bad habit if I will continue this, not so healthy morning/everyday routine of mine. It will cost my pets eating routine and health in bad shape just like now.

Then lately I’ve been thinking of changing my daily morning routine. To wake up early in the morning no matter how late I sleep and eat breakfast for a change. I want to gain weight and waking up late in the morning won’t help me gain weight in the future. Of course I could always eat lunch and dinner but the problem is I’m too lazy to cook meals that time. I end up going out and eat in a fast-food. And they said that eating in a fast-food is not that really healthy and it is also a waste of money. Unlike cooking, I can budget my money and I can cook healthy food and cook food that I like. And eating breakfast is really good for me since lately I’ve been dreaming of food every night. Maybe put my phone in a very loud 6am or 7am alarm so I don’t have a choice but to wake up or really try hard to discipline myself. I would really try to wake up early and feed the pets and myself for a better and healthy future. “So help me GOD”..

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