Must DO General Cleaning ASAP, but “Where to Start?”

I don’t really know how to thoroughly clean our house because I’m use to just clean only the area I notice and seen inside our house. My father even told me one time that if I’m going to be married someday, theirs a possibility that my husband will leave me (still single, no worries about leaving the wife anytime soon) because I’m too lousy in cleaning and cooking (laughs). If I recall correctly because that was a very long long time ago. My mother don’t really teach me how to clean our house (perfectly and exquisitely) or even how to wash our clothes by hand. I’m used on using washing machine and don’t give extra care if I clean our house the way it should be clean. As long as my mother don’t see the things or dirt that is so obvious inside our house and save me from her wrath, I’m all good.

But this time, I should and would really try my best to clean our house the way it should be clean. You know? as is perfectly and exquisitely because I’m having a lot as in a lot of red spot in my skin. Small insect that really bites to the highest level are I thin is already living in our house. And not only that, my pets also experiencing the same thing. I really really need to DO GENERAL CLEANING. I already clean the house the best I can a couple of days ago but still, the small creature is bugging and biting me all the time. Dirty clothes are still everywhere and things are still messy. To think I did clean the house a couple of days ago :-( :-(( :cry:.

I’m dying to clean (I thought)the house but the question is; where to start? The extermination of bloodsucking and skin itchy biting insect and clean the dirt and trow ways unwanted object. I been planning to do this general cleaning thingy a thousand time but always ends up cleaning only those place a visitor can see. Cleaning only the outside and neglected the very inside part of the house. The part where no visitor can see because it’s private or the part is very very hidden. I just wish I can read or somebody or some guide about cleaning. Maybe I can learn and follow instruction on where to start when doing general cleaning inside our house. DO you have any idea how to???? :alien:

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