Planning to Lose Weight

When all you do is work, eat, sleep then sleep, eat and work again everyday. The tendency is you will gain weight faster. And that is my delimma because I gain weight faster that I thought. Most of my pants don’t fit anymore I have to buy new pair again. I’m not really vain in term of physical appearance, but I want to achieve again the body I have when I was still in my high school. I don’t have to worry about fitting a pants or clothes because my body don’t have that excess fat I’m having right now. I already try working out and jog every morning and afternoon before, but I stop recently because of my work schedule. Some of my friends suggest apidextra weight loss pill. They say I can lose 5 pounds every week and keep the weight off. It would be great to lose weight that fast and I’m not against using pills, but there are so many weight loss pills that can harm the body and I need to be sure that it has no side-effect that can hurt my body. Losing weight faster is important to people like me who want to be fit again, but compromising my health is a different story.

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