Renovating The Gensan House

My parents are busy right now because they started to renovate the house my brother bought them last year. Only minor repair is needed but they decided to renovate the other part just in case for heavy rain. Changing the windows to sliding window to be more accessible and replacing the kitchen ceiling and the bathroom near the kitchen. My mother called me and told me that she and my niece was in the mall because the house smelled of paint and its bad for the health, so they decided to stay a few hours in the mall while waiting for the paint to dry. Renovating and repairing a house really needs a lot of preparation. The money and place where you stay during the renovation because they have to repaint the wall. That is why I keep thinking where can I get a large amount of money to do repair in the house here in CDO.

Paying for repairs and renovation was all from my brother. And since they only had little appliances there and they don’t have furniture like sofa/living room set, center table and other. The parents just wait for a little help from the other children to donate to buy appliances and furniture to the gensan house.

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