Smelly Pets Due to Misguided Expenses

It’s been two weeks now since the last time I bath my pets, and I keep telling myself and the pets that I will give them bath everyday, but I always end up saying again that I give them bath the next day. The pets smells like stray dogs right now and I still keep cuddling them from time to time. My friends always ask me if I already taken a bath because I smell different (laughs). I don’t blame him, blame the pets hehehe. My shitzu prince always scratches his ear and my sister keep telling to give prince a bath and I just ignored her.

My plan is to buy shampoo or soap and conditioner first then I give the three pets a bath. I want to treat them special pampering for a change and not the usual “perla soap” and “fabric conditioner”. That’s we do if we don’t have budget for them and if we have extra we pay for grooming service. And because I was not yet fully ripe in budgeting my expenses, the pets are the ones suffering. I always forgot to buy them their grooming needs. Dog shampoo, soap, conditioner, comb and nail cutter for dogs. I always been dying to buy those things for the pets but I always end up buying the usual stuff I use for them.

Making my pets smell fresh and presentable is important because they’re the only one who keep me company since last year and they don’t really complain much. All I have to do is try to budget my expense so I can manage my everyday living smoothly. I just hope I can learn fast ;-(.

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