The Tongue Pets

It is really very hot in our place because this pets always let their tongue out everytime I won’t use the AC.

Here’s Conan at my room, not only his tongue was out, he’s also drooling like a hungry rottweiler. hehe but he’s harmless people. He’s only 4 months on this photos but until he always let his tongue hang all the time.
Our cute and adorable prince charming. Always the cutest and behave dog when everybody is looking (laughs). He only drools when I comb his hair and groom him. he doesn’t like to stay in one place too long.
My little princess now still little, hehehe. Unlike prince and conan, this cute black and white pup always makes me smile. Sometimes I would think she is a special puppy because most of the time she only got excited when she see the other pets excited and just stared at me.
And this is misha, the poop eater pup. Conan already surpass the bad habit of eating his poop but my misha is still playing and eating her poop. I just hope she will stop soon..

And those are my Tongue Pets. :razzmad: :dog: :razzmad:

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