Things to do in Sharm el Sheikh

When it comes to Sharm el Sheikh holidays you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all about the beach. This may be a huge part of many visitors’ experiences, but there are plenty of other things to do besides sinking your toes into those soft golden sands.

There are numerous jeep safaris and hiking opportunities in the spectacular Coloured Canyons, or you could try something a little more traditional and opt for a camel safari for a true taste of Egypt’s heritage.

Then there’s ancient history. Egypt holidays are famous for giving visitors the chance to take in the sights and see some incredible ancient monuments. Sharm el Sheikh might be a fair distance from the pyramids but you’ll still find plenty of well-organised excursions to this world-famous site. See the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx and maybe even have time for a little souvenir shopping – it’s a long day but definitely worth it.

Other key sites of interest include Mount Moses – where Moses was said to have received the Ten Commandments – and St. Catherine’s Monastery located at the foot of the mountain, believed to be the location of the famous burning bush. A beautiful site especially at sunrise.

For something a little closer to the resort, Sharm el Sheikh is home to the glorious Red Sea. While this makes for excellent paddling, bathing and boat trips, it’s also famous for its diving and snorkelling opportunities. Venture into the protected Ras Mohamed National Park for incredible underwater scenery and to explore something akin to a submerged garden in full bloom, with vibrant sea life and dazzling corals.

When all’s said and done, this stretch of coastline makes for a perfect beach break. So find a spot, spread your towel and enjoy some serious R&R. After all, it’s what holidays here are famous for.

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