Back-up Plan

If you can’t afford to buy a home computer, complete with all the CPU and big monitor. A laptop is the very nearest alternative to that. And since I can’t afford to buy both home computer and laptop. My sister gave me her extra laptop because her husband bought her new one and I’m very much thankful to her (my sister) generosity.

I’ve been using that laptop ever-since I start blogging. It really helps me a lot of time, money and effort than using a rental computer in an internet cafe. I don’t have to go out to check if I have important emails and online business that needs my attention. Not only that, I can save all my favorite photos and can easily access it if I want to upload it right away to my online account. But the thing is, I already downloaded a few movies and save my past and present photos to that laptop’s hard drive. And my sister told me that, it’s not advisable to make your hard drive full because it will slow down the internet connection. If that is the case I need to consider buying extra hard drives for my laptop. If I have other hard drive connected to my laptop, I can transfer all the movies and photos into it and I can still download and save more photos. It’s a very smart decision and ways to have your file back-up because you’ll never know someone will accidentally delete it or sabotage your files. Better prepared than regret it later.

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