Green Green Grass of Home

How I miss the good old days when I know all our neighbors and I can see lots and lots of greens. The fresh air, the pineapple plantation that is very abundant and the forest near our house. We have a very spacious bermuda grass, butterfly trees and the camp site visit for a few hours chatting and playing. And most of the time we pick some vegetable along the road because most of our neighbors love to plant vegetable beside the river and no one will question us because we’re all friends and the land is free. But since we move to the city and our house is located at the very not good environment. Mostly small houses that is very near to each other, I can’t even smell fresh air anymore and we can only grow flowers and plants in a pot because there’s no enough space for a small garden or even a playing space. But what can I do, that was not our land, it was owned by DEL MONTE and it so happen that old owner (american) sold it to the lorenzon’s and they have to change management and policies. And most of the old employee including my father choose to accept early retirement than work in an agency. Hmmm, If we still live in that place until now, I don’t need to pay large amount of electric bill because I don’t need an AC and I can use the electric fan only in the afternoon. Too much for my green green grass of home memories.

The park but we called it PLASA.. Have a small snack bar at my back and a basketball court. We always play Volleyball for the girls and basketball for the boy and the kids just playing chase every afternoon. Missing those..
The camp site, sometime reception wedding’s are held here, because on the top portion is the church location. Very convenient for the visitors and to the married couple.
This is part of the pine apple plantation and it suppose to have pineapple plant here, but I guess they preferred bushes. hehehehe

Green Monday

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