It’s Raining Inside Our House

NOT so early this morning, I decided to wash my clothes and clean the house because the weather is good. After the chores is done, it rain suddenly and not the slow rain or moderate rain and I’m not shock at all because it’s rainy season again. I just cover my wet clothes so it won’t wet by the rain. And putting a bucket in the area of the house that was leaking is not a problem anymore because that was fixed months ago. So, I was confident watching online movies because I know the house is safe from the rain but to my horror. My old room is leaking with I think the neighbor gutter’s rain and the AC in my new room was also pouring with so much rain water. All in all I was so consumed with frustration and anger because I know someone is missing up our roof again. Before the heavy rain, I heard some footsteps in our roof and I just know it’s not a cat. And I can’t confront that person because I don’t know which part of our house that has access to our roof.

And since I don’t have anything to do at the moment. I just put bucket again in the other room that was leaking and in my room because we don’t want another addition expenses to the house already long list of repairs anytime soon. I don’t really care about what our neighbors do or been doing but not caring for them doesn’t mean they can ruin your roof or part of your house just because your not so neighbor-ish to them, right?

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