Too small for them

Just like humans, we want bigger space if we plan to have a big family. We want our children to play, run, chase and enjoy the life as a child. But how can we if our space is not that spacious? And the same as we plan of having a pets like dogs, cats or rabbits or any kinds of animals that we want to be our companion while waiting for our own family to come. For me, I want my dogs to run and chase each other but I can’t give it to them because my place is too small for them. I’m not saying that they can’t run or chase each other, they can but only limited space. And they can only do that if they are inside our house. I removed some of the stuff inside our house , so they will have space if they want to play with each other.

Having four dogs or even three dogs and one cat is too much for a place like mine. I don’t want to give up one of them, actually, I was dying to have another dog but that would not be advisable considering three is already hard for me to handle. Especially if you want to take them for a walk, not a good idea. So, if you like to have a pet, you should considered the space and time you can give them. Because you adopt a pet because you want companion and pets are always loyal to you no matter what., if you know what I mean.

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