An additional shelves would be nice

If I am bored or just want to clear my mind of things. I always visit the mall near our place and make myself busy doing window shopping. And every time when am at the mall, I always stop by in a bookstore. I always go directly to the pocketbook section but yesterday, I was a bit serious in looking for cooking recipe and was not able to find a good recipe book. Then, I bump in this book about building shelve to make our home things/stuff organize. And since I was planning of ditching the old cabinet in my parents room because it was already useless. This would be a nice start for me to search for a nice shelve for my other books and new cabinet for my parents room. But I was focusing my thoughts in having additional shelve not only for the books but for my mother’s give-away collection as well. She owned’s plenty of those, christening, weddings and souvenirs in one small cabinet with mirror. And right now, all that little giveaways was stuck in a small cabinet with shelves inside together with some of my DVD’s and CD’s.

Planning to redecorate the house and make it more clean and bright are few of my agenda these few days and in the coming days. This would be my first time to decorate and really focus on house/home matters. I just hope I can keep it going for a couple of days or months because discovering how expensive those house decorative, cabinets and more makes me want to moved to my parents house again, aside from the billings and everyday necessity. I Just keep on praying and blogging to keep my mind of it ;-)..

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