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I am not a carpenter neither a house fixer but I do know how to improvise if it’s really needed fixing. Just like the lower bookshelves that got busted when I clean the top portion and I accidentally step on it. It was my father who made that bookshelf for us and since I am the one who broke it, I need to fix it myself. Went to hardware and keep asking about this thing that my father use when he made that bookshelves. I know what it looks like but I don’t know the name of that thingy. Good thing the cashier shows me different types of hardware materials in fixing broken shelves, doors and drawers. It was a drywall anchors. Managing a house has it advantage also. I got to learn a few things about carpentry and carpentry equipment. All I have to do is borrow equipment that will make the drywall anchor works and everything will be back to the way my bookshelves will be.

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