Convenient for any reunion gathering

As the time goes by and we grow older and most of the time we forgot about the cousins, uncles, aunts and friends that we use to have fun playing during our younger years because we’re so busy dealing with our personal life. We seldom ask ourselves, what happen to them or are they doing great with their life.

Last year, I did not expected that I will get to meet most of my high school batch-mate after ten long years not seeing each other. We communicate through online and it was amazing really how online media can help us meet again our long lost friends and cousins. Some of them are working in different countries. Then, one of my batch-mate plan our high school reunion so that we can meet again and talk about the good old days including our high school teachers. They collect a small amount for our customize t-shirt for our batch. All of us did agree with it because if we order a volume, the custom t shirts cheap and affordable considering some of us still looking for a job. The reunion was a success, we got to see our teachers, high school best friends and crushes. And until now, we still got to chat online and if we have time we meet up.

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