During no internet connection

Ahhhh, internet connection, before, i was very eager to apply for an internet connection because i don’t like going to an internet cafe. It is a waste of money especially if the connection is very slow and the hourly rate is expensive. And you can’t finish what you’re doing online because mostly internet cafe opens until midnight and you have have to ride going home. It’s time consuming and it’s more expensive than having your own internet connection at home.

Finally, my eagerness payed off, my application got approve and was very happy and contented using my own internet connection. Days and weeks was okay then, suddenly the problem occur. The no internet connection is often appearing. We do the common thing we do when we don’t have internet connection right? Call the internet provider and report but the common answer to these type of question is ” we are fixing it now mam ” but still no connection. I can’t do anything about it, even if my veins are exploring in my neck. And if you report the problem to their office during payment because they’ve been calling you about your account balance for that month. The teller will just say “you have to call these number mam because we just accept payment blah blah”. You still want to argue with that? I think they’re program to answer only that and nothing else.

What can i do? I just go home and look for games that was already install in my computer and just play Plants vs Zombies and imagine those zombies are the internet provider. Then, i would forget all about it and when i feel bored killing all those zombies keep saying brains! brains! brains!, i would notice again the no internet connection and start dialing again for internet repair.

I went to gaisano yesterday to use a rented computer then got pissed off because the connection is killing me. hehehe.. I have to endure waiting for the site to load and decided to just check my FB and post my sentiments and it helpssss.

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