Fixing!.. Not again…

Now I really feel how hard it is to maintain a house and you don’t have the resources in fixing all broken and rotten stuff inside and outside you house. Earlier this year, I was worried because our roof need fixing and thanks to my parents because they send money for buying the roof materials. Then, the faucet in the second bathroom got busted together with the floor and thanks to blogging, I buy the materials to fixed it with the help of the special someone as well. I even planning to buy new tools in the house like a sharp knife, new plates, glass and more, but how can I buy all those for the house if I badly needed to fixed again the roof. I was confident that the last time our roof got fixed, it will give me a lot of time to save and then, I am would hired the same carpenter to fix the other rotter roof. But, for the few days its been raining almost everyday. The other part of the roof give up this time and it need fixing ASAP.

The other day, the rain was very heavy and I was surprise to saw some part of the ceiling are leaking also. I live alone with no job and no savings to spend during emergencies like this. I just call my parents awhile ago and told them about the problem. They’re willing to help but how can they manage to fix it as well if my father’s pension is only enough for their everyday needs. I crossing my fingers on this, thank God for blogging, maybe I can produce a little amount to pay for the expenses once the carpenter estimate the over-all cost on fixing the roof.

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