Important facts about soldano hot rod 50

If you still don’t know why soldano hot rod 50 is one of the best among the best. It’s simple, because this baby is a stage-ready amplifier that delivers uncompromised tone and uncomplicated operation that most of you, music lover would amazingly love to listen and operate. It is a 50 watt 2-channel guitar amp head, with independent preamp and master volume controls for each channel and it gives awesome sustain even at moderate settings.

The flexibility to dial in all unique and subtle tones that you’ve been searching for in an amplifier. This baby features include a line level series effects loop, a slave output with a level control, a speaker impedance switch, and a channel foot switch. Just thinking about what this amazing thing can do, makes me remember my high school crush. He was so cool and gorgeous playing and operating his guitar that I would sometimes stalk him during recess and school hours, I wonder where that person right now and if he still plays the guitar like before.

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